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Patio design

Let Annie Evergreen design your patio with our special selection of plants and flowers to suit your needs for your style of personalization.


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 Call us today for a free consultation @ (805) 795 7223

Annie Evergreen will set up and install herb boxes for your organic herbs and vegetables custom suit to your needs.


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Succulents are the new rage, Annie Evergreen can direct you to a vast selection of rare and unique cactus and succulents for your patio or indoor garden. 


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Professional Plant Care since 1980

Annie Evergreen

herb & vegetable gardens

indoor Plant Service In Calabasas and surrounding areas

Annie Evergreen indoor plant service, office plants ,commercial interior design

indoor plant service in Calabasas and surrounding areas.

Providing excellent  plant service for 37 years . Servicing Ventura and Los Angeles since 1980.